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Email checker: Why should you start using it? 

With the rapid growth of globalization trends in modern society, online communication is currently booming. Although there are lots of different chatting and calling tools designed for these purposes, sending an email continues to be the best option to contact your business partners, colleagues, clients, and prospective customers. Each day billions of emails are sent but, thousands of them do not hit the desired recipient. This means plenty of letters are sent to nowhere, making both small and big businesses lose profits and launch ineffective marketing campaigns. But is it possible to check if email is valid before sending the e-letter? Is there any free email verifying software? Sure! And many companies have already been using email validation tools in their everyday practice.

What is an email checker? The basic functions 

How to check if an email is valid? Can I check if email is real? These are the most common things a beginner checker’s user would like to know. It’s time to get the answers!


An email checker is a unique service that allows all users to make sure the contact they are planning to send letters is correct and real. The process of email verification is fast and comprehensive. You will not need to install any third-party software to use the checker. The fact is that it is an independent all-in-one solution that doesn’t require using any extra utilities for successful performance.


An email address verification program is a handy and convenient platform that has all the needed options available right at hand. Using the program is very simple and convenient. No worries if you are a beginner user of the free email verifier - you will surely understand the program’s interface since it contains a minimum number of fields and options. 


To start using the Gmail checker, you will need to just copy and paste the required address to the special field in the program. Then hit the button located near the field and receive a detailed report about the needed data immediately. Furthermore, users are allowed to check a single email, as well as multiple contacts when using the bulk checks. The process of email validation is extremely fast, regardless of the number of contacts you are planning to check. As a rule, the entire process will take you no longer than a couple of seconds. 

How does email validator work: facts you should know

The program’s operating principles are not too complicated and can be easily explained to any user. To put it short, an email tester determines individual MS records of the required address and tries to connect to the server. In other words, it is simulating sending a message by pinging the server. 


The result you will get depend on the data received by the checker. You will be able to detect whether a chosen email is real or not. The data you receive is likely to be top-notch and correct. However, there are still some servers that can’t be checked in such a way. In this case, the information about the contact cannot be as brilliant as expected. This means there are still some risks that are not connected to the program’s performance. 


It is also worth mentioning that the actions made by the program are “invisible” This means any of your contacts will not get any messages or notification about checking their email addresses. The checker leaves no traces and can’t be detected by even the most advanced mail delivery system. Being a productive and reliable tool, the email spam test usually suggests excellent results to all the users. In can handle checking hundreds of addresses at the same, time which means the service is stable and accepts high-loads. 


The tool is a powerful and handy solution that can effectively analyze hundreds of addresses in just a few clicks.

Who can use email address checker?

Any person who needs to check email online can use the popular service. The platform is incredibly popular among the users of these categories: 

  • Marketing professionals

  • IT specialists

  • Business owners

  • Non-profitable organizations

  • Students

  • Other experts in various fields

Even in case you are not working in marketing or IT, as well as if you are not a business guru, you can still benefit from using the email validator. The service is available to all users regardless of location, job, education, or any other parameters. The utility is very smart and user-friendly. 

Is there any API for developers?

No, at this moment, there is no API for developers. The developers are working on the server version with an API, but there is no certain release date.

Email validation tool: top benefits 

Saves your money and helps to optimize your budget. There is nothing new that big marketing campaigns often appear to be expensive. However, checking an email address owner allows you to update the database of contacts and establish connections to only trustworthy recipients. 

You can remove all invalid addresses from your database and get a perfect combination of contacts for successful campaigns. All these factors make your marketing promotions easy-to-do and effective. 


Check whether the recipient is likely to get an important email. This is vital for sending serious and weighty messages. For example, it will be great to know whether your proposition to cooperation will be at least delivered to your partners.  


Remove risky and unreliable contacts from your database. This simple trick will save you tons of time. Making business with a lower number of contractors is easier than pushing hundreds of companies and individuals that have invalid addresses. Now, your contact list will always be correct and up-to-date. You can check email contacts and refresh your database as often as you need. 


Get the most advanced data about the validation status. Not only the program distinguishes whether the selected address is good or bad, but it also gives each contact you are checking a personal status. By the way, you can get free access to this data for two months or export the required information to the CSV file to be stored on your PC or laptop. 


Can the program send notifications to users’ addresses for successful validation?

No, the service never sends any mails to any addresses it checks. The entire job is done on the server’s side and doesn’t engage in establishing any connections with the email owner. 


What is a “risky” email? What are the main reasons why addresses get this status? 

The email will be marked as risky in case it looks like it is valid, but there are still high chances of your messages not to be read. As a rule, it takes place for a few reasons: 

  • The email has a gibberish name and is not likely to be created by a person or company

  • The servers receive all address 


Can I check more than one address with the help of the service? Is there any bulk check? 

Users can check as many emails as they need. You don’t need to verify addresses one by one but use the bulk operation to check a large number of emails simultaneously. 


How can I use the program in case I haven’t tried this type of software?

There is no special knowledge or experience required when using the tool. Paste your contacts to the main field of the service, hit the button, and enjoy the results. 


Can some of my contacts discover I’m using the validator? 

No, they can’t. The checker doesn’t leave any traces and not sending any messages to the mailboxes it checks. 

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